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Cricket is exciting, challenging and most importantly FUN ‘bat and ball’ team sport that is perfect for children and adults of both genders. It is a non-contact sport that can be played indoors or outdoors, for short periods of time or for days on end.

The sport is accessible to players of all levels of ability and fitness, and significantly improves participants levels of physical fitness and stamina; hand-eye co-ordination; mental fitness, agility, and tactical awareness;

as well as the social abilities to work as a significant individual within partnership and team contexts. All these benefits, and more, make cricket an exceptional sport for all members of the community, but especially for children.

Cricket is the 2nd most popular sport in the world. The Cricket Board of India is the richest sporting body in the world, and there are 106 countries officially recognized by the International Cricket Council (

Thus, BM Tigers started in the year 2019 in the aim of developing and encouraging young talents in UAE. There are 11 dynamic players in BM Tigers Team, leading by Mr.Rathore - Captain of BM Tigers and managed by Team Co-Ordinator Mr. B.K.Lakshmanan.

Mr. B.N.Lakshmanan

Co-Ordinator - BM TIGERS.

“I am willing to share few words about this successful League. In this League, the team has shown true dedication and determination. Without our team support, our BM Tigers could not have gone this extra mile. The time and effort that our team have put in are just amazing. And I would like to thank and appreciate each one of them for the hard work and all the effort. Also I would like to thank the team owner Dr.V.Kanakaraja and the team manager Mr. Ashokan for giving these opportunities.

Proud to be a part of this successful Team.”

Leagues Conducted

For Further Details, Please contact our Co-Ordinator :
  • +971 52 652 2777 , +971 50 714 6264

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